The Stylish Side of STEM – By Stella J. Ringer

From the clothes on our backs, to the cosmetics, shoes and jewelry that adorn us, they all derive from STEM!
The intersection of fashion and STEM has always been around, we’ve just never focused on how one influences the other.

The global fashion industry is a $3 trillion-dollar business. Up and coming designers need STEM skills to stay on the cutting edge and to output quality products.

Gone are the days of fashionable being the only way to describe a garment, consumers want durability and sustainability. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) make it possible for fabric to hold its shape and color garments to stay playful and vibrant. It offers inspiration and innovation, generating out of this world designs.

The Art of Science is transforming runway couture, traditional patterns and street wear into high tech, timeless pieces.
The Stylish Side of STEM validates that being a “mad scientist” can create innovative, bold and game changing high fashion!


Science – Atoms, molecules, experiments; understanding science is critical to fabric development as well as the dyeing process of materials.

Technology – Computer programming can be the initial first step in designing a piece. With the advancement of technology, the days of sketching designs could become an afterthought!

Engineering – Skills in the engineering field breed innovation! Creating shoes that help with performance to athletic wear that keeps you dry when you sweat comes from strong backgrounds in science and math.

Math – From meticulous pattern making to the retail side of the fashion industry, math skills are key!

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