The Right to Bare Arms! – Stella J. Ringer

The rights of women to bare their arms in the workplace should not be infringed upon!

It’s the age-old question, is it appropriate for women to wear sleeveless dresses and/or blouses in a professional work setting?

Many traditional, more conservative companies are taking lessons from start-ups in becoming more casual with their dress codes.

To recruit and retain one of the fastest growing consumer segments (millennials), it’s imperative that companies remain flexible in all aspects of business. Corporate attire for women continues to be a hot topic!

In the past, some may have compared bare arms to excessive cleavage or an exposed midriff which are both still inappropriate and unprofessional.

Today, with our former first lady Michelle Obama and others being champions of showing their arms, women feel a sense of relief and freedom. Going sleeveless can be smart, confident and professional. So off with the jackets!

Before taking a stand, make sure that you’re familiar with your industry and company’s dress code culture. Whether it’s conservative or more relaxed, sleeveless pieces can be appropriate and they can also make a statement!

Whether you decide to bare your arms or not, be comfortable and confident in whatever you are wearing. It’s your right to choose what makes you feel and look fabulous!


Sleeveless dresses and blouses can be tricky, so find one that compliments and fits your upper body comfortably

Ensure sleeveless pieces fit nicely around your armholes. In other words, make sure that they aren’t too tight. This will give your arms the illusion of a toner look.

Pay attention to the neck area. The arms and neckline fall in the same horizontal line, so choosing a flattering neckline (V-neck/crew, etc.) is key.

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