Join Us In Celebrating The Launch Of PIVOT Magazine

PIVOT Magazine is set to officially launch on October 1, 2016.  To celebrate, we will be hosting The PIVOT Magazine Launch and Networking Reception in Atlanta.

Subscribers to the magazine are added to our PIVOT Social distribution list and are invited to all PIVOT events.

To join the PIVOT Social distribution list, subscribe to the magazine through the subscription tab.

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  1. Wanda Young says: Reply

    Big congrats! Much needed!

    1. pivotmagazine says: Reply

      Hi Wanda! Thank you very much!!!

  2. pivotmagazine says: Reply

    Thanks, Catherine!

  3. Dora says: Reply


    1. pivotmagazine says: Reply

      Thanks, Dora!

  4. am I in?

    1. pivotmagazine says: Reply

      Hi Corey!

      Yes, we show that you have subscribed and uploaded your resume. Thanks!

  5. Nneka says: Reply

    Congratulations!! Best wishes from San Francisco!

    1. pivotmagazine says: Reply

      Thanks, Nnneka!

      We appreciate the love in San Francisco! Be sure and tell your network about us! : )

  6. Aaron Duncan says: Reply

    Very excited about this magazine!!

    1. pivotmagazine says: Reply

      Hi Aaron!

      We are glad to know that you are excited about PIVOT! We appreciate the love!

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