David A. McKnight – Professional Development Editor

DAM_5402David A. McKnight is a style icon in the making. In 1996, he began his career as a management consultant after completing his MS in Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to graduate school, David studied sociology and philosophy at Rutgers University and completed a fellowship in Public Policy Analysis at Princeton University.

David began image consulting in 2006 as a way to fulfill his personal passion for style. Since the company’s debut, David swiftly made his mark as a published stylist and certified image consultant, simultaneously building an impressive roster of high-profile clients and achievements.

Among his notable achievements, David has served as the creative director of an online magazine; styled celebrities for magazine photo shoots; wrote and published image articles; managed and styled numerous fashion shows during New York’s Fashion Week; hosted an online fashion reality show; judged the Miss Teen New York pageant; served as the Men’s Style Editor of the popularly acknowledged Poshglam, an online fashion-luxury magazine; and also briefly filled the role of Image Director at Career Gear, a non-profit organization that provides a suit and support to under-served men seeking employment.

When not working with clients, David works as an executive of a global financial services organization. In his free time, he delights in running, reading books on business and style, wine tasting, trotting the globe, and collecting international art.

As the Professional Development Editor of PIVOT, David is responsible for helping our readers polish their professional image through insightful articles and tips in the areas of image consulting, personal branding and business etiquette.