PIVOT magazine is the premier corporate lifestyle and career development publication for affluent African American corporate professionals.

In the game of basketball, a pivot is a move that keeps one foot firmly planted while the other swings in another direction – either forward, backward or laterally to get better positioning to make a shot. During your career, you sometimes need a series of pivots to put you on your true path to a fulfilling career.

PIVOT magazine is the only corporate lifestyle and career development publication that helps our readers move forward in their careers by keeping them abreast of the changing landscape of corporate America and assisting in building career development capabilities through insightful editorial and profiles which feature prominent and successful African American corporate executives.

Our Mission and Commitment

Our mission is to help our readers navigate their careers by providing the best career development advice through our digital magazine. We promise that our magazine will always be free because cost should not be a barrier for corporate professionals to receive the information, inspiration, and motivation they need to advance their careers.