6 Signs You Get When It’s Time To Quit Your Job!

People leave jobs for many reasons sometimes willfully and other times due to business decisions made by the job (layoffs, acquisitions and restructuring), but after a decade of career coaching and development the one thing that I can say with certainty is that most people do not quit soon enough.

Whether it’s loyalty to the company, fear of the unknown or uncertainty of options beyond their current job, more often than not, my clients find me after years of ignoring the signs. Hanging on when they should be running for the hills. Begging for a seat at the table when they should be creating an exit strategy.

Most of us have been there at least once. I’ve actually been there twice! For me I misinterpreted the signs. I read the signs as personal challenges to prove myself. Not smart…So let me save you the trouble. Here are 6 Signs that it’s time to quit your job.

1. You Dread Going to Work. We’ve all seen the memes and shared a laugh about hating to go to work on Monday, but I’ve had clients that literally dread going to work. If Sunday night you feel depression kicking in or on your way to work Monday morning you want want to cry…. it’s probably time to say goodbye.

2. You’re Bored. Not everyone wants to be challenged daily, but I’ve never run into anyone that really WANTS to be bored. Time is the only finite resource. Don’t waste away in a position that doesn’t provide the level of stimulation that you seek.

3. You Don’t Fit in. I don’t mean you’re not like everyone else. I’m a huge proponent of diversity. What I mean is that you just don’t fit in with the culture of the organization. You’re fighting to be heard and seen. Your work style is not celebrated or even appreciated. If your energy is constantly being used to be understood then you are losing productivity. It’s time to go.

4. There’s No Room for Advancement. Even if you love what you’re doing it’s important to remember that nothing last forever. It’s vital that you increase your skill set and have the opportunity to show increased responsibility. If you are not constantly increasing your competitive edge AND your income it’s time to walk.

5. The Ship is Sinking. I have spoken with so many clients who find themselves in the midst of a layoff and say, “I knew this was coming, the writing was on the wall, but I thought I had more time.” The savvy professional stays abreast of the health of their company. Don’t wait your turn if the company is going under. Create an exit strategy and prepare to exit on your own terms.

6. Your Health is Suffering. Stress and anxiety can show up in your life as physical symptoms. Pay attention to your body! Constant headaches, upset stomach, heartburn and even muscle pain may be the result of your body compensating for emotional stress. Pay attention to what triggers your physical symptoms. If your job is making you sick, get out of there!

Have you recently quit a job after experiencing any of the above signs? If you think that it might be time for you to quit your job we should work together to create an exit strategy. There is an art to leaving. Don’t abandon ship without a proper assessment of your place in the market and a plan for how to best utilize your skill set it the next position.

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