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  • A Rock-Solid Executive for a Rock-Solid Company

    Kevin Warren, one the most influential senior leaders in Corporate America, has joined UPS as their new Chief Marketing Officer and reports directly to UPS Chairman and CEO, David Abney. He has also joined the Management Committee—the most senior leadership group in the company. UPS is currently America’s largest package delivery company, and a leading Read More »

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  • Mellody Hobson Wants Less Talk and More Action When It Comes to Corporate Diversity

    Mellody Hobson is tired of having the same conversations about the merits of diversity. “There’s a lot of good intention, but nothing’s happening. There’s a lot of conversation, but the needle isn’t moving,” the president of Ariel Investments told Fortune’s Brainstorm Reinvent conference in Chicago on Tuesday. “I’ve become this expert in diversity because I Read More »

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  • Climb!

    Michelle Gadsden-Williams is an award-winning global diversity expert, activist, philanthropist, and a managing director at Accenture who leads Inclusion & Diversity for the company in North America. She has more than twenty-five years of experience working in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, financial, and professional services industries. She has held positions of global responsibility for corporations Read More »

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  • The Hard Truths of Working in Entertainment by Mark Pitts

    For an industry that has perpetuated a deluded and unrealistic standard of beauty in American pop culture for generations, the entertainment industry is ironically being exposed for the ugly truths that hide behind its airbrushed facade. With movements such as #OscarsSoWhite, #MeToo, and #TimesUp, the sinister inner workings that have been swept under the rug Read More »