Our Editorial Staff

David A. McKnight
Professional Development Editor
David A. McKnight is a style icon in the making. In 1996, he began his career as a management consultant after completing his MS in Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University
Ray Abram
Ray Abram is an experienced consultant, speaker and performance coach. who has worked with clients at Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Cox Media, Google, Sony and Viacom as well as smaller, more entrepreneurial ventures.
Lisa J Wicker, Ph.D
Career Development Contributor
Lisa J. Wicker is internationally recognized as a human resources thought leader and career strategist. Dr. Wicker is the Founder of Linwick & Associates, LLC.
Stella J. Ringer
Stella J. Ringer is a seasoned business professional who started her career with The Coca-Cola Company 20 years ago. She currently serves in a senior role with the North America Content, Entertainment and Ventures Team.
Christmas Hutchinson
Christmas is a cancer surviving divorcee who has an uncanny ability to overcome adversity with grace, and has a passion for serving and sharing her life experiences to inspire others.
Mark Pitts
Mark is a New York based writer with roots in Atlanta and Los Angeles. Graduating from the University of Southern California
Debra Nelson
Debra Nelson is President of Elevate Communications, a professional development and communication services firm.